Apply for InterAction

InterAction is especially designed for:

  1. Graduates who are willing to give one or two years of their time working with students in a cross-cultural setting. (see note below)
  2. Students who spend time abroad as part of their university course (frequently language students).
  3. Students who are able to take a year out from their studies.

There usually isn't the opportunity for young people to join InterAction in between high school and university. We prefer InterAction workers to have had student experience before joining us. We welcome participants from all around the world, and our workers find that, although there are inevitable demands working cross-culturally, it is always an exciting and rewarding experience!

If you are from the UK, we encourage graduates to consider UCCF's Relay Programme before joining InterAction.

To apply from the United States see the InterVarsity Link website. When applying from Canada request information from World Services, a department within InterVarsity Canada. And if you're applying from Australia, you can contact CMS Australia.


More information about the specific countries is provided here. InterAction focuses mainly on Pioneering movements and cities, but if you would like to go somewhere specific, please do contact us!

How long?

Our InterAction Programme runs for 1 year with an optional 2nd year. 

Many volunteers go on to remain in their location and serve the IFES movement as full time staff workers. They form our InterAction Network: a fellowship of cross-cultural workers in IFES Europe who meet regularly for training opoprtunities and mutual encouragement. 

How much?

InterAction workers are self-supporting financially, and we find there is quite a wide variety of ways in which members gain support. Some obtain grants from their government or receive financial support from their churches and friends in order to work abroad. Only occasionally it is possible to have some small income (or possibly free accommodation) by teaching English or another language, or taking some form of employment. This is at the discretion of the Team Leader/ Supervisor.

We will provide you with an appropriate budget for your placement country on application and your Team Leader or Supervisor will work with you to raise your support.

Part of the budget is a Service Charge to help towards the cost of running InterAction, supporting you whilst with InterAction and providing training resources. Besides that there are the costs of the Orientation Conference in August and Debriefing Conference in June.

Language Learning

Work for InterAction can include language study on a part-time basis (unless you are already proficient in the language), study at the local university or teaching English or another language. This gives you the opportunity to meet both national and international students, to befriend them, and to share the Gospel with them.


We are happy to accept applications throughout the year, but for placements starting in the summer we ask that you send in your forms by April at the latest. 

The earlier you apply, the more likely that there will be opportunities in the location of your choice. Not only will this allow us enough time to process all the applications in time before the Orientation Conference and the start of the InterAction year, but it will also give you more time for support raising. 


Ready to go? Download an application form for short termers

All other enquiries should be made to IFES InterAction.

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