What is Ireland like?

The island of Ireland is situated in the extreme north-west of Europe. To the east is the Irish Sea, which separates Ireland from Britain.

The island is politically divided into two countries. Northern Ireland, consisting of 6 counties in Ulster and politically part of Great Britain, and the Republic of Ireland in the south, made up of the other 26 counties. You can visit beautiful northern Ireland on the northwest side of the island and still be in the Republic or visit Northern Ireland and enjoy the beauty of the northeast part of the island.

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland. It is situated on the east coast with an international airport and extensive sea ferry services. The climate is temperate with no excesses of heat or cold. The city has an increasingly international population, but nevertheless retains a true Irish flavor.

Dublin has been ranked the 18th safest city in the world, according to a survey of metropolitan statistics relating to 215 cities worldwide, which also put the Irish capital in 23rd place for quality of life.

The currency in the Republic of Ireland is the Euro, while in Northern Ireland it is Sterling.

What is the present state of the work?

There is an IFES movement for the whole of the island, with a strong national staff team. An InterAction team has worked in Dublin for 6 years to develop international student ministry on campuses and in iCafes run in partnership with local churches.

We'd love for more people to join the IFES InterAction team in Dublin! For more on the work of IFES Ireland, please visit their website

In a city with some campuses with majority international students, this is an important and strategic work.

What special requirements are there for joining the Ireland InterAction Team?

Visa: People from EU/EEA countries don't need a visa. For more detailed information visit

Language: English is the official language of Ireland.


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Student Population

143,000 Irish students, 23,000 internationals


English and Irish (Gaelic)


Roman Catholic 88.4% Church of Ireland (Anglican) 2.9% Presbyterian 0.52% Methodist 0.25% Muslim 0.49% Other 4%

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